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With the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic behind us, Mountwater Capital is poised to take advantage of the shift back to retail spending and the bricks and mortar that support it.

Our Firm

Earning, building & retaining trust.

Our company focuses primarily on commercial real estate assets across North America, connecting investors to cash-flow positive properties, and in the process, driving growth for investors and communities alike.
We carefully select enclosed shopping malls with easy-to-change floor plans, shared spaces, long-term tenants, and the potential to add value through upgrading and retrofitting. Our improvements are designed to enhance the customer’s overall experience and bring immediate value to our tenants and to our investors. We also select office towers that are cash-flow positive.
Our retail and commercial tenants and the communities we serve are the core of our business. Our reputation is based on honest relationships with these tenants and their communities, and with our investors. We earn their trust every day with every decision, every interaction and every transaction, working in our collective interests.

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Our Strategy

Focuses on Commercial Real Estate

In close contact with commercial realtors across North America, we scour the continent for cash-flow positive acquisitions with potential to grow. Then we upgrade further with precision investments to modernize and expand the property. Our due diligence in advance of any investment ensures that we walk away from investments that don’t meet our exacting standards for performance and return on our investors’ capital. A key part of our strategy is to look for opportunities where we can become an essential part of the community. We recognize the importance of embracing, connecting and supporting our neighbourhoods. We have the ability and responsibility to enable positive change and facilitate growth and connection between customers, tenants and local communities.
We spend time and effort to identify undervalued assets.
We undertake an analytical review on the potential upside value of the asset.
We work with stakeholders and local communities on the potential opportunities.
We create wealth by making business connections, negotiating terms, providing management expertise, resource management and technology improvements.

Our Values

We absolutely bring the best of ourselves to connect resources together.
We choose approaches that drive innovation and growth for our tenants, our shareholders and our stakeholders.
We build trusting relationships and strive to be a good corporate citizen.
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